A Giveaway and a Giggle

It's Thursday which means several things:

1. It's almost Friday

2. #1  means it's almost the weekend (hallelujah)

3. It's The Mrs Box giveaway announcement day!


Without further ado, the winner of the beautiful ring box by The Mrs Box is.....

Yay!! Ellie -  Shoot me an email at mackenzie@blissokc.com with your box preference and we will get started!

Thanks so much to everyone who entered! I love giveaways and will definitely be doing more in the future, so click on the "subscribe via email" link in the bottom right hand corner to make sure you never miss a post or giveaway.

In other news, I stumbled across the cutest video from The Atlantic that interviews 12-year-olds about what dating is like in the seventh grade. I was cracking. up. the entire time - does anybody else have really embarrassing memories about their seventh grade relationships?

My favorite quote: "Some of the boys at this school don't even care about girls. All they care about is basketball..." 

Cheers to a happy Thursday!