Tips for the Morning of your Wedding

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The morning of your wedding is a fun, exciting time that can be one of a bride’s very favorite parts of the day. However, without some pre-planning, this time can easily become very hectic! Taking time to focus on these details will help set you up for success to have the best wedding morning possible. My top three tips are below!

Location, location, location

Oddly enough, the old rule about location in real estate also applies to your morning-of-the-wedding getting ready location. Not all venues offer a getting ready area, and sometimes the area they offer isn’t going to be a great fit!  Don’t be afraid to go off-site to reserve the space that will be best for you and your group.  To ensure the best possible location, keep an eye out for the following details:

  • Enough room: Nothing is worse than when a hotel room is stuffed full of bridesmaids and too much hairspray. If you have a larger party, be sure to chat with a venue representative to see what they suggest for parties of your size
  • Natural light + neutral colors: Many brides will opt for a photography package that will allow some of these fun getting ready moments to be captured. In order to maximize the quality of these photos, try to make sure that your getting ready room has plenty of natural light (think: big windows) and neutral colors (think: no bright red walls or crazy carpet). Your photographer will thank you!
  • Mirrors, outlets, seating: Now that you know the getting ready room “must-have’s,” consider these items that can be at a premium. Chat with your venue representative to see if they can bring in extra seating, and make a plan to ensure there are enough mirrors and outlets for last-minute touch-ups. A power strip can be your friend!

Set The Mood

For many brides, the two-weeks-before-the-wedding “What can I do to help?” question can be paralyzing.  When it comes to the morning of your wedding, you should absolutely delegate some of these tasks. This is where your bridesmaids come in!

  • Playlist: designate the fun friend (there’s one in every crowd) to come up with a great playlist and provide speakers.  Having some fun tunes in the background will set the tone for the day and get everyone excited to celebrate.
  • Refreshments: Coordinate with one or two girls who would be willing to collect lunch/breakfast orders from a nearby location
  • Clean-up: while this isn’t the most glamorous job, pick a details-focused friend who would be willing to make sure the getting-ready area is generally tidy. Keeping all bags in a specified space and all areas generally free of trash will help ensure there aren’t any unappealing items photo bombing in the background of the great shot with your sister.

Be In The Moment

If you’re anything like me, then the moment you get a notification on your phone, your focus shifts and your attention is sucked away from the environment around you. People will be posting on your Facebook wall and texting you sweet messages all morning, but this is not the day to have your nose buried in your phone! Pass off your phone to your MOH, hug your mom, and jam out to that awesome playlist with your best friends. Those notifications will be there when you get back - I promise ;) 

Brides, I hope this post has inspired you to put a little extra thought into your wedding morning and some steps you can take to make it go as smooth as possible. Do you have any other suggestions? Leave them in the comments below!



Photo by Amanda Watson Photography