Summer Goals

Hi friends! 

It's officially the Friday of Fourth of July weekend and I. Am. Pumped. In case you missed my last post, the Fourth of July is hands-down my favorite holiday. I woke up this morning singing Grand Ol' Flag, I have my red, white, and blue outfits planned for the weekend, and I brought my patriotic pom-pom pen to work. I'm ready. 

Part of the reason why I'm so excited for this particular Fourth of July weekend is because it's the first weekend in more than a month that my husband and I will both be home! My Love Language is quality time and I'm a textbook introvert, so being home and spending time with Micah is my 100% ideal situation. We were talking last night about how gloriously unscheduled July is going to be, so we decided to make a few Summer goals to encourage us to make the most of our time together. 

One of my favorite summer memories with Micah was seeing Eli Young Band (my favorite!) at the Oklahoma State Fair in 2012

One of my favorite summer memories with Micah was seeing Eli Young Band (my favorite!) at the Oklahoma State Fair in 2012



  • Love one another well:
    • We spent some time going over each other's Love Languages in June, and for the rest of the summer, we are going to focus on serving one another through the other's Love Language, as opposed to our own. For example, I am a Quality Time person and Micah is an Acts of Service person. To him, one of the biggest ways I can say "I love you" is by bringing him tea before bed, helping him in the yard, etc. All I want to do is watch a movie together, read next to one another, go on a quiet date night, etc. Focusing on his Love Language instead of mine (and vice versa for him!) is going to be a challenge that we are both excited for. PS - If you aren't familiar with Love Languages, take this quiz! It's really eye-opening and has completely changed the way that I look at expressing love.  
  • Exercise 3x each week:
    • Confession: I loathe working out. I am one of those people who gets really anxious if I feel like I am wasting time, so spending 45 minutes on an elliptical is probably one of the more soul-sucking activities I can think of. Swimming, for some reason, is the only exception. I was a competitive swimmer when I was in elementary and middle school, and swimming truly is one of those activities where if you learn to do it properly when you're young, you'll be able to do it for your entire life. I've been swimming about a mile and a half after work at the local pool and it has been awesome. I can get in a great full-body workout and spend some time in the sun. It's the perfect summer activity for me! Micah is obsessed with working out so this is an easy goal for him to check off the list ;)
  • Go to an Oklahoma City Dodgers game:
    • What summer is complete without a trip to the local minor-league baseball stadium?! We haven't been to a game since the Dodgers bought the team, and we are excited to try it out. Micah's birthday is July 20, so I'm thinking we may buy a block of cheap seats and invite some of our friends to join us. 
  • Go on a Top Golf date:
    • We went to Top Golf for Micah's birthday last summer and had a BLAST! We haven't been able to make it back since then, so we are definitely going to make that a priority this summer. I love Top Golf because experienced golfers (Micah) and people who come in last place at putt-putt (me) can all have a great time. The rooftop bar and awesome appetizer menu don't hurt the ambiance either. 
  • Enjoy Slow Saturday mornings:
    • Saturday mornings are our absolute favorite time of the week. We sleep in, drink coffee together, make a big breakfast and eat together on the patio. This summer we're going to make these mornings a priority, and also try to sneak in a few trips to the Farmer's Market as well. 
  • Host an Olympics party:
    • Remember how in my last post I talked about my heightened sense of patriotism? Well, that goes through the roof during the Olympics. I've been watching the prelims through the Team USA Facebook Page,  which has jump-started my party planning. I've already started drafting my menu, and I plan on stocking up on red, white and blue decorations next week when all of the Fourth of July decor goes on sale. The opening ceremonies air on Friday, August 5 and the Praytor household is going to be celebrating!

Have you set any summer goals? If not, I would highly suggest going through Lara Casey's Fruitful Summer series. It's a short weekly workbook delivered to your email that encourages you to throw out the notion of a "perfect summer" and lean into your friendships, your relationships, and all of the fun that summer has to offer. You can sign up here!

Have a great weekend!