Meeting a #BlissBride: Juliann

I am so excited for you to meet Juliann! I have been working closely wih Juliann and her mom Marylee for almost a year crafting every detail of their big day. It has been such a JOY to work with them, along with Juliann's fiance Jack, and I can't wait to see it all come together this weekend. 

Juliann has an absolute heart of gold, and her deep love for her family has been evident in seemingly every aspect of the planning process. I can't believe the big weekend is here - enjoy getting to know #JackandJewels in the interview below!

 Big thank you to Aubrey Marie Photography for sharing a few snaps from Jack and Jewels' engagement session last Fall!

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What's your name? Juliann Strange

What's your fiance's name? Jack Test

Tell us your story - how did you meet? Jack and I met in 2013 at a Masters Golf tournament watch party hosted by a mutual friend.  Our first date was at Saturn Grill in Nichols Hills. We sat in a round booth in the corner of the restaurant and talked for hours about everything we had in common: the way they were raised, growing up in the Methodist Church, and our love for OU football.

Jack told his mother after the first date that he would marry me.  I told my sister it was my best first date ever.  The timing was not right though, so we decided to stay friends.

Fast forward to September 2014....Jack realized our circles of friends had grown together thanks to social media.  He used that to start up a conversation, and asked me to his 28th birthday party at Mama Rojas with a group of his friends.  I took the offer and helped him celebrate his birthday.  We have been dating ever since.

When did you know he was the one? Who knew first? We both knew we had found someone special very quickly after starting to date in 2014.   We were very open  and honest with each other from the very beginning. I knew when I had a family member get sick and the only person I wanted to talk to was Jack.  Jack knew when his roommate asked him point blank if  I was the girl he was going to marry.  He told his roommate that he could not picture his life without me.

Jack and Juliann's engagement 

Jack and Juliann's engagement 

How did he pop the question? We want ALL the details! 

We both knew they found something special in one another very soon after we started dating.  We both knew what we wanted out of the relationship. 

In mid-April, I was playing on Jacks I-pad when a text message from his parents came up on the screen.  They were so excited for him because  he was going to ask Tim, my father, for permission to propose that night. I was instantly overjoyed but could not let Jack know I read his messages about the surprise.  I spent the next two months trying my hardest to figure out when Jack would propose.  

I dropped too many hints to count about the style of ring I might one day want, but Jack also studied my Pinterest account to pick the perfect piece.  He and my mom Marylee worked with Mitchner & Ferrand Jewelry store in Oklahoma City to reset Marylee's mother diamond which she gave to me years earlier. They chose a simple, classic solitaire setting in rose gold, which is my favorite.  

My family has spent their summers vacationing in Silver Lake, Michigan all my life.  When I was a sophomore in college my family built a house there to continue the tradition.  Me and my family spend every 4th of July at Silver Lake with lots of cousins and family friends that have turned into cousins. 

Jack met us in Michigan on Tuesday before 4th of July. We spent the week enjoying the Oceania County Sand Dunes, riding wave runners, wake boarding, and exploring nearby towns. 

Friday night July 3rd, Jack, me and my family went to dinner in Pentwater, Michigan.  It is a nearby town that big boats from Lake Michigan dock.  After dinner Jack and I went for a walk along the water to look at the big boats and watch the sunset.  During our walk Jack made a comment, "Now that I am finished with step one lets get your Grandmothers ring and figure out what should do with it."  This comment made me upset because I thought a proposal was coming during the trip. 

4th of July was spent enjoying the day on the Sand Dunes.  It was a perfect day spent on the lake with family and friends.  Marylee, my mom decided to have a happy hour before dinner and fireworks.  Right before everyone got to the house for happy hour Jack asked me to go on a walk with him.  The Scofield's, family friends of the Strange's, were the first to arrive at happy hour and this was Jacks cue the photographer was ready to capture the proposal. 

We walked down to her families beach,  and on the walk down to the beach Jack became nervous that he had forgotten to put the ring back in the box.  He had hidden the ring outside of the box while they were in Michigan because he was afraid I would try to find it since she thought a proposal was coming during the trip.  Thankfully the ring was there and I did not notice it. 

When we got to the family beach Joan Scofield was down there checking her cell phone service.  I did not think anything about this because cell service at Silver Lake was so spotty.  Joan took a picture of Jack's 4th of July socks, and we continued walking down the dock. I just assumed Joan made her way back to the happy hour. 

We got to the end of the dock and Jack started talking about the time he recently was able to spend with his grandfather and how it made him think about our future together.  He continued to talk and then he got down on one knee and ask, "Juliann Strange, will you Marry Me?" I quickly said yes!

Bliss OKC | Aubrey Marie Photography | Oklahoma City Wedding

Tell us about your big day! When and where are you getting married? How did you decide? 

Crossings Community Church Chapel and Gailardia Country Club.  The church was an easy choice because this is our home church.  My family has been going to Crossings since Mid 1999.  Jack started going to Crossings shortly after moving to Oklahoma City.  We started attending church together during our relationship.  

We picked Gaillardia Country Club because it was is centrally located near our church and is a beautiful venue.

Describe your wedding in three words: Elegant, Family Oriented, Fun

What are some details you're excited about? Flowers!! Cake!! All the personal touches through out the night.

Where do you turn to for wedding inspiration? Pintrest and Wedding Planner. I use to day dream about what my wedding day when I spent my summers at Silver Lake, Michigan with my Grandmother Grams.  Grams is no longer here but I know she is a special part of my wedding day.

What has been your favorite part about wedding planning? Seeing all the details come and keeping in mind the end goal of the wedding is that Jack and I are declaring our love for one another publicly in front of God and our families.

Is there anything about wedding planning that you just wish you could skip? No! It has been really fun! I sometimes got caught up worrying about the little details that are out of control.

What most excites you about your wedding day? The whole day! See all the details come together. The ceremony! Spending the night next to Jack's side as his wife celebrating with friends and family.

Bliss OKC | Aubrey Marie Photography | Oklahoma City Wedding

What does marriage mean to you? What are the two of you most excited/nervous/anxious about?  This is what it means to me: States it perfectly, Eccelsiastes 4:9-12
Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their work:10 If one falls down, his friend can help him up. But pity the man who falls and has no one to help him up! 11 Also, if two lie down together, they will keep warm. But how can one keep warm alone? 12 Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.

We are most excited to see where our future takes us! We have dreams, goals and plans and can not wait to live them out together.

Do you have any advice for newly-engaged couples? Enjoy every minute of it.  Jack and I had a year engagement and we felt like it flew by.  Do not stress about the little things you can not control.  Remember why you are engaged in the first place.

What's next after the wedding? Any big dreams or plans? We are going on a 2 part honeymoon,  Play Mueres for 4 days and Juliann's families lake house at Silver Lake, Michigan for 4 days.  After our honeymoon we are looking forward to Jack's final year of Medical School and continuing to grow my career in Residential Real Estate. We are looking forward to doing normal married stuff like cooking dinner together, traveling and OU tailgates and football games.  We are looking forward to see what God has in store for us!

Bliss OKC | Aubrey Marie Photography | Oklahoma City WEdding

Join me in celebrating #JackandJewels this weekend!