iPhone Snaps: The Stalsworth Wedding

Confession time: outdoor weddings are super scary to me. There is always a risk that it could rain, that it could be 100 degrees, that it could be super windy, etc. Okay, so maybe the weather is super scary to me? Most of my #BlissBrides tend to be indoorsy gals like myself, so it usually isn't a big deal and we all stay inside in the air conditioning and are fine. When Emilia approached me asking if I would be interested in helping her with her wedding, I of course wanted to help her, but I was also terrified about the outdoor element. 

I'm not sure if y'all are super aware of Oklahoma's weather patterns, but let's just sum it up that summertime here is HOT, and almost equally humid. As Emilia and CJ's wedding date got closer I kept checking the forecast, and the estimated temperature just kept climbing. The day before the wedding it finally settled that the high would be about 96 degrees with a heat index of a few degrees warmer due to the humidity. Cue minor panic on my end. 

But you know what? The weather turned out to be BEAUTIFUL! It was hot and sticky at the beginning of pictures, but I was armed with my bag full of water bottles and blotting tissues, and by the time first look rolled around, a storm had settled in a few miles away and brought the temperature down by about 20 degrees. Most of the evening it was breezy, in the mid-70's, and it couldn't have been more perfect. 

Emilia and CJ were one of the most radiant couples I've been around on a wedding day - I don't think I've ever seen a groom look at his bride the way that CJ looked at sweet Emilia. I don't blame him a bit - she was absolutely beautiful. Check out a few of my iPhone snaps below. Real photos on the way soon, courtesy of Ropp Studios!