What is a Styled Shoot?

After I decided to launch Bliss, one of my first orders of business was to put together styled shoots! A styled shoot (or an inspiration shoot, as some people call it) is, in essence, a pretend wedding or event that a group of vendors will collaborate to put together. These photo shoots provide vendors a great opportunity to build their portfolio outside of the events for which they've been booked, as well as foster relationships with other local professionals. And let's be honest - we're all looking for more beautiful pictures to use on our Instagram/Facebook/Blog, etc. Wedding vendors are no different!

For me, planning these photo shoots was a great opportunity to establish the direction that I wanted Bliss to go in as a brand. I've worked in the wedding industry for a while, but starting your own business means starting completely fresh. Beyond establishing the aesthetic direction that I want Bliss to lean towards, these photo shoots gave me the ability to flex my creative muscles, reconnect with several vendor friends and do a lot of dreaming about the kind of clients that I want to work with.

Me and our gorgeous model  Kate  on-set of the  #sweetpeachstyledshoot  

Me and our gorgeous model Kate on-set of the #sweetpeachstyledshoot 

In early March I started (very nervously) reaching out to vendors to see if they would be interested in participating - expecting that most of them would probably say no - but almost all of them said yes! Since my business was still new, (and by "still new" I mean that I was barely brave enough to tell my mom, much less tell my friends or announce anything publicly) the fact that my industry friends were willing to work with me on my own was a huge confidence boost! Before I knew it, I had three styled shoots on the books. It actually worked out that all three photo shoots were within ten days of one another. It was a huge challenge, but also an incredible blessing to get to work with so many incredible vendors and reconnect in such a unique, rewarding way. 

The first thing I did when I started dreaming up these photo shoots was the same thing any red-blooded American girl would do: I headed to Pinterest. I spent some (read: way too much) time pinning ideas to secret boards until I had come up with a few ideas that were inspired by, but not the same, as something else I had seen. I narrowed my ideas down to three distinct designs and edited until I could envision most of the details. 

The  #SweetPeachStyledShoot was the first photo shoot hat I had ever done on my own, and I was so nervous during the days leading up to it! I am a crazy, Type-A planner by nature, so the pressure of everything being "perfect" was amplified way more than usual  because this was my first official Bliss event. Seriously y'all, in my mind the #sweetpeachstyledshoot was the debutante ball for my business!

Open and clear communication is one of my number one priorities for Bliss. Because there are often so many vendors working on these photo shoots, I wanted to make sure that the vision was clear and that we were all on the same page as far as aesthetic direction. After I had sufficiently edited, I sent out this inspiration board to all of the vendors involved:


Sweet Peach Styled Shoot Inspiration Board | Bliss Celebration + Designs | Melanie Foster Photography

Dreamy, right? If you love the inspiration board, you'll die for the actual images. Check back next week for the end result!