Friday Favorites

Its Friday, we're halfway through May, and next weekend is Memorial Day which means it's almost officially Summertime! The weather in Oklahoma has been dreary this week, so I've been doing research (lol) on some summery accessories as a pick-me-up. My favorite summer phone cases and earrings are below, as well as some other gems that I've loved this week!

ONE | Sonix Phone Cases

I've had this case on my phone since the beginning of the year and couldn't love it more. Beyond being super cute, it has protected my phone so well - and I am really hard on phones. I'm thinking of purchasing the flamingo case for a cute summer option, but I love each of these as as well!

Click links to shop:  cactus ,  flamingo ,  pineapple ,  watermelon

Click links to shop: cactus, flamingo, pineapple, watermelon

TWO | Gboard

I put Gboard on my phone this week and can't get over how much functionality it adds to texting! It's a third-party keyboard (like emojis) that integrates Google into the iMessage app so you don't have to switch to Google Chrome or Safari to look something up. Here is a video that explains the functionality.  Thanks to The College Prepster for the tip!

THREE | 90's Country Pandora

I turn it on at 8 am every Friday and it carries me through until the weekend. Jesus, thank you for sending us George Strait.  Listen now, thank me later.

FOUR | Jergens Instant Sun

The Lord gave me red hair, blonde eyelashes and suuuper fair skin. I've come to terms with the fact that I am never going to have that gorgeous summer glow like all of my blonde and brunette friends have, but I also feel a little left out when everyone is bronze and I'm still glow-in-the-dark-white. Enter: Jergens Instant Sun. This is the ONLY self-tanner I've tried that doesn't leave me streaky, yucky, and smelly. I put it on every night when I hop out of the shower and it immediately gives me a nice dose of color. Pro tip: be sure to wash your hands thoroughly right after applying so you don't get stained hands (#1 giveaway of a self-tanner-user)

FIVE | Affordable Tassel Earrings

To me, nothing says summer like a statement earring in a fun color. I love my Kendra Scott jewelry as much as the next southern girl, but when purchasing trendy pieces (tassels, bright colors, etc) I like to make sure that I'm not breaking the bank on an accessory that will only last one or two seasons. This fun pair fits all of my requirements and at $12.99 you can't beat the price! More favorites below: 

Cheers to the weekend!