Meeting a #BlissBride: Emilia

Today is June 1st, which means it is officially wedding month for Emilia and Charles - woo hoo! Emilia has been a dear friend for a while now, and has always been one of Bliss' biggest cheerleaders, so it was such an honor when she asked me to coordinate her big day.

Emilia and her sweet fiance (also her high school sweetheart!) Charles will be getting married on his parents' property later this month surrounded by their family and closest friends. I love how Emilia is so focused on celebrating her marriage and not getting muddled down in the many details that can come with planning a wedding! She's a perfect #BlissBride ;)

Enjoy getting to meet Emilia! I just know you'll love her story and her beautiful engagement pictures by Ropp Studios.

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What's your name? Emilia

What's your Fiance's Name? Charles

Tell us your story - how did you meet? Charles and I first met in middle school, but we didn't officially start dating until Junior year of High School. We have known each other for about ten years now so I cannot imagine my life without him.

When did you know he was the one? I knew he was the one after our first date together.

Bliss OKC | Ropp Studios | Emilia & Charles

How did he pop the question?  We got into his truck to head to my parents’ house and the next thing I know he's blind folding me. After a few minutes of driving around and me wondering what was happening he helped me out of the car and took off the blindfold. When I opened my eyes I was at my parents’ house and in front of me I saw a tree with lights all around it and pictures of us hanging down. Once I saw all this I knew what was happening. I started crying and when I turned around Charles was standing there telling me everything he envisions for our future. I have to be honest I was so excited I blacked out I couldn't wrap my head around everything that was happening. I was SO shocked. The next thing I know he is on one knee asking me to marry him. After saying "yes", both our families come out of my house and both our dogs come running towards us wearing signs saying "Please say yes." It was the perfect proposal from the perfect man.

Tell us about your big day! When and where are you getting married?  My wedding is going to be a backyard wedding at Charles parents’ house. We decided to have it there because it's a special place for the both of us. It's not just any ordinary venue, it holds a special place in both our hearts.

Describe your wedding in three words: Simple, Romantic, Fun

What are some details you're excited about? One detail I'm excited about is chandeliers being incorporated into the ceremony and reception.

Bliss OKC | Ropp Studios | Emilia & Charles

 Where do you turn to for wedding inspiration? For the most part Pinterest. And my mom!

What has been your favorite part about wedding planning? Knowing that after June 18th I'll be married to my best friend.

Is there anything about wedding planning that you wish you could skip? The little details that I never thought about before. So many decisions!

What most excites you about your wedding day? Becoming Mrs. Stalsworth and having family and friends there to see it happen.

Bliss OKC | Ropp Studios | Emilia & Charles

What does marriage mean to you? What are the two of you most excited/nervous/anxious about? Marriage to me is becoming one.  We are most excited to spend every day with each other, because for the majority of our relationship we have been long distance. We are just excited to spend our lives together. We are most nervous about unexpected challenges we may face, from either financial to health.

Do you have any advice for newly-engaged couples? Don't stress! Your wedding planning process is supposed to be exciting and a happy time not stressful.

What’s next after the wedding? After the wedding we will focus on each other. We also want to get more involved with the community and church as a married couple

Bliss OKC | Ropp Studios | Emilia & Charles